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Welcome to ConForest seminar in Poland!

ConForest home page Several weeks ago we have just had another forest calamity along Europe which can be seen as a consequence of coniferous forest existing on sites on which stands of stronger structure and of more divert species composition should be grown. Forest conversion is still current issue. We have a great opportunity to discuss it and come up with new solutions and compare our most recent research results at the meeting in Laski, which is an Experimental Forest Centre of August Cieszkowski Agricultural University of Poznan in Poland. Faculty of Forestry has been carrying out research in the Forest Centre since 1952, of which forest conversion is one of the most outstanding and well studied topics.

At the field trip and seminar all participants will be able to find out new interesting and current aspects of Scots pine stand conversion carried out on European Lowland. The venue will last three days from 15th to 17th April 2007 (Sun, Mo, Tue).

Working sessions and the field trip will be held in the Forest Experimental Centre in Siemianice, 1h drive north-east from Wroclaw. We will stay in the Conference House in Laski, in a pretty forest surrounding, where also the seminar will take place.